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Jahr Titel Autoren Journal/Fachbuch Band Seiten Link
2017 Simulation, identification and statistical variation in cardiovascular analysis (SISCA) – A software framework for multi-compartment lumped modeling Huttary, R.; Goubergrits, L.; Schütte, C. & Bernhard, S. Computers in Biology and Medicine accepted   DOI
2017 Model-based therapy planning allows prediction of haemodynamic outcome after aortic valve replacement Kelm, M.; Goubergrits, L.; Bruening, J.; Yevtushenko, P.; Fernandes, J. F.; Sündermann, S.; Berger, F.; Falk, V.; Kuehne, T.; CARDIOPROOF group & Nordmeyer, S. Nature Scientific Reports accepted    
2017 Turbulence measurements in an axial rotary blood pump with laser Doppler velocimetry Schüle, C. Y.; Affeld, K.; Kossatz, M.; Paschereit, C. O. & Kertzscher, U. The International Journal of Artificial Organs accepted    
2017 Optimal base complexes for quadrilateral meshes Razafindrazaka, F. H. & Polthier, K. Computer Aided Geometric Design 52-53 63-74 DOI
2017 Hemodynamic Evaluation of a Biological and Mechanical Aortic Valve Prosthesis Using Patient-specific MRI-based CFD Hellmeier, F.; Nordmeyer, S.; Yevtushenko, P.; Bruening, J.; Berger, F.; Kuehne, T.; Goubergrits, L.; Kelm, M. Artificial Organs accepted    
2017 MRI-Based Computational Hemodynamics in Patients with Aortic Coarctation using the Lattice Boltzmann Methods: Clinical Validation Study Mirzaee, H.; Henn, T.; Krause, M.; Goubergrits, L.; Schumann, C.; Neugebauer, M.; Kuehne, T.; Preusser, T. & Hennemuth, A. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 45(1) 139-146 DOI
2017 Beyond pressure gradients: The effects of intervention on heart power in aortic coarctation Fernandes, J.; Goubergrits, L.; Bruening, J.; Hellmeier, F.; Nordmeyer, S.; Silva, T.; Schubert, S.; Berger, F.; Kuehne, T. & Kelm, M. PLOS ONE Journal 12(1) e0168487 DOI
2016 Assessment of nasal resistance using computational fluid Dynamics Osman J.; Großmann F.; Brosien K.; Kertzscher U.; Goubergrits L. & Hildebrandt T. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering 2(1) 617-621 DOI
2016 Numerical flow simulation : A new method for assessing nasal breathing Hildebrandt, T.; Osman, J. & Goubergrits, L. HNO 64(8) 611-618 DOI
2016 Blood damage in ventricular assist devices Thamsen, B.; Granegger, M. & Kertzscher, U. Int J Artif Organs 39(4) 147-149 DOI
2016 Experimental and numerical investigation of an axial rotary blood pump Schüle, C. Y.; Thamsen, B.; Blümel, B.; Lommel, M.; Karakaya, T.; Paschereit, C. O.; Affeld, K. & Kertzscher, U. Artif Organs 40 E192-E202 DOI
2016 A two-stage rotary blood pump design with potentially lower blood trauma: a computational study Thamsen, B.; Mevert, R.; Lommel, M.; Preikschat, P.; Gaebler, J.; Krabatsch, T.; Kertzscher, U.; Hennig, E. & Affeld, K. Int J Artif Organs 39(4) 147-149 DOI
2016 Role of flow for the deposition of platelets Affeld, K.; Schaller, J.; Wölken, T.; Krabatsch, T. & Kertzscher, U. Biointerphases 11(2) 029804 DOI
2016 Effects of Renal Denervation on Renal Artery Function in Humans: Preliminary Study Doltra, A.; Hartmann, A.; Stawowy, P.; Goubergrits, L.; Kuehne, T.; Wellnhofer, E.; Gebker, R.; Schneeweis, C.; Schnackenburg, B.; Esler, M.; Fleck, E. & Kelle, S. PLoS ONE 11(3) e0150662 DOI
2016 MRI as a tool for non-invasive vascular profiling: a pilot study in patients with aortic coarctation Kelm, M.; Goubergrits, L.; Fernandes, J. F.; Biocca, L.; Pongiglione, G.; Muthurangu, V.; Khushnood, A.; Secinario, A.; Chinali, M.; Schubert, S.; Berger, F. & Kuehne, T. Expert Review of Medical Devices 13(1) 103-112  
2016 Interactive virtual stent planning for the treatment of aortic isthmus stenosis M. Neugebauer; Gloeckler; L. Goubergrits; M. Kelm; T. Kuehne; A. Hennemuth Int. J. Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 11(1) 133-144 DOI
2016 Turbulence in blood damage modeling Leonid Goubergrits, Jan Osman, Ricardo Mevert, Ulrich Kertzscher, Kai Pöthkow, Hans-Christian Hege Int J Artif Organs 39(4)   DOI
2015 The Computational Fluid Dynamics Rupture Challenge 2013 – Phase II: Variability of hemodynamic simulations in two intracranial aneurysms Berg, P., Roloff, C., Beuing, O., Voß, S., Sugiyama, S.I., ..., Osman, J., Goubergrits, L. et al. J Biomech Eng 137(12) 121008 DOI
2015 Bionic approach for the prevention of exit-site infections of percutaneous devices Großhauser, Johannes; Reiter, Katja; Große-Siestrup, Christian; Kikhney, Judith; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Affeld, Klaus Biomed Tech (Berl) 60(3) 225-233 DOI
2015 Hemodynamic and energetic aspects of the left ventricle in patients with mitral valve regurgitation before and after mitral valve surgery N. Al-Wakeel; J.F. Fernandes; A. Amiri; H. Siniawski; L. Goubergrits; F. Berger; T. Kuehne Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 42(6) 1705-1712 DOI
2015 Is MRI-based CFD able to improve clinical treatment of coarctations of aorta? Goubergrits, L.; Riesenkampff, E.; Yevtushenko, P.; Schaller, J.; Kertzscher, U.; Berger, F.; Kuehne, T. Ann Biomed Eng 43 168-176 DOI
2015 MRI-based computational fluid dynamics for diagnosis and treatment prediction: Clinical validation study in patients with coarctation of aorta. Goubergrits, Leonid; Riesenkampff, Eugenie; Yevtushenko, Pavlo; Schaller, Jens; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Hennemuth, Anja; Berger, Felix; Schubert, Stephan; Kuehne, Titus J Magn Reson Imaging 41 909-916 DOI
2015 Numerical analysis of blood damage potential of the Heartmate II and Heartware HVAD rotary blood pumps B. Thamsen; B. Blümel; C.O. Paschereit; K. Affeld; U. Kertzscher Artificial Organs 39(8) 651-659 PubMed
2015 Platelet adhesion, aggregation, and embolism on artificial surfaces in non-parallel blood flow Th. Kragh; J. Schaller; U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; A. J. Reininger; M. Spannagl Microfluid Nanofluid 19(1) 155-167 DOI
2015 Toward a comprehensive interpretation of intravital microscopy images in studies of lung tissue dynamics. Gaertner, Maria; Schirrmann, Kerstin; Schnabel, Christian; Meissner, Sven; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Kirsten, Lars; Koch, Edmund J Biomed Opt 20 66009-1-66009-10 DOI
2014 Hemodynamic impact of cerebral aneurysm endovascular treatment devices: coils and flow diverters. Goubergrits, Leonid; Schaller, Jens; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Woelken, Thies; Ringelstein, Moritz; Spuler, Andreas Expert Rev Med Devices 11 361-373 DOI
2014 In vitro study of hemodynamic treatment improvement: Hunterian ligation of a fenestrated basilar artery aneurysm after coiling. Goubergrits, Leonid; Spuler, Andreas; Schaller, Jens; Wiegmann, Nils; Berthe, Andre; Hege, Hans-Christian; Affeld, Klaus; Kertzscher, Ulrich Int J Artif Organs 37 325-335 DOI
2014 Pressure fields by flow-sensitive, 4D, velocity-encoded CMR in patients with aortic coarctation. Riesenkampff, Eugénie; Fernandes, Joao Filipe; Meier, Sebastian; Goubergrits, Leonid; Kropf, Siegfried; Schubert, Stephan; Berger, Felix; Henneumuth, Anja; Kuehne, Titus JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 7 920-926 DOI
2014 The Anterior Spreader Flap: A Minimally Invasive Alternative to the Auto Spreader Flap in the Treatment of Patients with Nasal Valve Dysfunction Stephan Bessler; Konrad Mende; Leonid Goubergrits; Jan Osman; Benedikt Strub International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head \& Neck Surgery 3 184-189 DOI
2013 Evaluation of the intranasal flow field through computational fluid dynamics. Hildebrandt, Thomas; Goubergrits, Leonid; Heppt, Werner Johannes; Bessler, Stephan; Zachow, Stefan Facial Plast Surg 29 93-98 DOI
2013 Numerical and experimental evaluation of platelet deposition to collagen coated surface at low shear rates Affeld, Klaus; Goubergrits, Leonid; Watanabe, Nobuo; Kertzscher, Ulrich J Biomech 46 430-436 DOI
2013 Reproducibility of image-based analysis of cerebral aneurysm geometry and hemodynamics: an in-vitro study of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and three-dimensional rotational angiography Goubergrits, L.; Schaller, J.; Kertzscher, U.; Petz, Ch; Hege, H-Ch; Spuler, A. J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg 74 294-302 DOI
2013 The Impact of MRI-based Inflow for the Hemodynamic Evaluation of Aortic Coarctation Goubergrits, L.; Mevert, R.; Yevtushenko, P.; Schaller, J.; Kertzscher, U.; Meier, S.; Schubert, S.; Riesenkampff, E.; Kuehne, T. Ann Biomed Eng 41 2575-2587 DOI
2013 The concept of rhinorespiratory homeostasis-a new approach to nasal breathing. Hildebrandt, Thomas; Heppt, Werner Johannes; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Goubergrits, Leonid Facial Plast Surg 29 85-92 DOI
2013 Variability of computational fluid dynamics solutions for pressure and flow in a giant aneurysm: the ASME 2012 Summer Bioengineering Conference CFD Challenge. Steinman, David A.; Hoi, Yiemeng; Fahy, Paul; ...; Schaller, Jens; Goubergrits, Leonid; ...; Shaffer, Nicholas; Loth, Francis J Biomech Eng 135 021016-1-021016-13 DOI
2012 Flow field of a novel implantable valveless counterpulsation heart assist device. Berthe, A.; Gärtlein, S.; Lederer, Ch; Kertzscher, U.; Affeld, K.; Goubergrits, L. Ann Biomed Eng 40 1982-1995 DOI
2012 In vitro study of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in a shaken basal cistern after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage. Kertzscher, Ulrich; Schneider, Torsten; Goubergrits, Leonid; Affeld, Klaus; Hänggi, Daniel; Spuler, Andreas PLoS One 7 e41677 DOI
2012 Percutaneous devices: a review of applications, problems and possible solutions. Affeld, Klaus; Grosshauser, Johannes; Goubergrits, Leonid; Kertzscher, Ulrich Expert Rev Med Devices 9 389-399 DOI
2012 Spannungsoptik-Tomographie zur Messung der Scherung in Strömungen Schneider, T.; Goubergrits, L.; Paschereit, C.O.; Kertzscher, U.; Affeld, K. tm - Technisches Messen 79 304-309 DOI
2012 Statistical wall shear stress maps of ruptured and unruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysms Goubergrits, L.; Schaller, J.; Kertzscher, U.; van den Bruck, N.; Poethkow, K.; Petz, Ch; Hege, H-Ch; Spuler, A. J R Soc Interface 9 677-688 DOI
2012 Tri-leaflet valve design with a purge flow for heart-assist devices: an in vitro optimization study. Timmel, Tobias; Seshadri, Santhosh; Goubergrits, Leonid; Affeld, Klaus; Kertzscher, Ulrich Artif Organs 36 42-48 DOI
2011 Cell Physiology and Fluid Mechanics in the Pulmonary Alveolus and its Capillaries Kerstin Schirrmann; Michael Mertens; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Wolfgang M. Kuebler Fundamental Medical and Engineering Investigations on Protective Artificial Respiration 116 49-65  
2011 Flow dynamics of a novel counterpulsation device characterized by CFD and PIV modeling Giridharan, G. A.; Lederer, C.; Berthe, A.; Goubergrits, L.; Hutzenlaub, J.; Slaughter, M. S.; Dowling, R. D.; Spence, P. A.; Koenig, S. C. Med Eng Phys 33 1193-1202 DOI
2011 How can we achieve infection-resistant percutaneous energy transfer? Affeld, Klaus; Grosshauser, Johannes; Reiter, Katja; Grosse-Siestrup, Christian; Kertzscher, Ulrich Artif Organs 35 800-806 DOI
2011 Investigation of human platelet adhesion under low shear conditions in a rotational flow chamber Nobuo Watanabe; Klaus Affeld; Jens Schaller; Stephanie Schmitmeier; Armin J. Reininger; Leonid Goubergrits; Ulrich Kertzscher Journal of Biorheology 25 64-70 DOI
2011 Non-dimensional modeling in flow simulation studies of coronary arteries including side-branches: A novel diagnostic tool in coronary artery disease. Ernst Wellnhofer; Jan Osman; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Eckart Fleck; Leonid Goubergrits Atherosclerosis 216 277-282 DOI
2010 Flow simulation studies in coronary arteries - impact of side-branches Ernst Wellnhofer; Jan Osman; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Eckart Fleck; Leonid Goubergrits Atherosclerosis 213 475-481 DOI
2010 In Vitro Study of Near-Wall Flow in a Cerebral Aneurysm Model with and without Coils L. Goubergrits; B. Thamsen; A. Berthe; J. Poethke; U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; C. Petz; H-C. Hege; H. Hoch; A. Spuler AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 31 1521-1528 DOI
2010 Prediction and validation of cell alignment along microvessels as order principle to restore tissue architecture in liver regeneration Stefan Hoehme; Marc Brulport; Alexander Bauer; Essam Bedawy; Wiebke Schormann; Matthias Hermes; Verena Puppe; Rolf Gebhardt; Sebastian Zellmer; Michael Schwarz; Ernesto Bockamp; Tobias Timmel; Jan G Hengstler; Dirk Drasdo Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107 10371-10376 DOI
2010 Theoretical modeling of the interaction between alveoli during inflation and deflation in normal and diseased lungs Kerstin Schirrmann; Michael Mertens; Ulrich Kertzscher; Wolfgang M Kuebler; Klaus Affeld J Biomech 43 1202-1207 DOI
2010 Three-dimensional, three-component wall-PIV André Berthe; Daniel Kondermann; Carolyn Christensen; Leonid Goubergrits; Christoph Garbe; Klaus Affeld; Ulrich Kertzscher Experiments in Fluids 48 983-997 DOI
2009 Alveolar dynamics in acute lung injury: heterogeneous distension rather than cyclic opening and collapse Michael Mertens; Arata Tabuchi; Sven Meissner; Alexander Krueger; Kerstin Schirrmann; Ulrich Kertzscher; Axel R Pries; Arthur S Slutsky; Edmund Koch; Wolfgang M Kuebler Crit Care Med 37 2604-2611 DOI
2009 Coronary artery WSS profiling using a geometry reconstruction based on biplane angiography Leonid Goubergrits; Ernst Wellnhofer; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Christoph Petz; Hans-Christian Hege Ann Biomed Eng 37 682-691 DOI
2009 Novel non-dimensional approach to comparison of wall shear stress distributions in coronary arteries of different groups of patients E. Wellnhofer; L. Goubergrits; U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; E. Fleck Atherosclerosis 202 483-490 DOI
2009 The wall-PIV measurement technique for near wall flow fields in biofluid mechanics A. Berthe; D. Kondermann; Ch. Garbe; K. Affeld; B. Jähne; U. Kertzscher Imaging Measurement Methods for Flow Analysis 106 11-20 DOI
2009 Wall-PIV as a near wall flow validation tool for CFD: application in a pathologic vessel enlargement (aneurysm) Goubergrits, L.; Weber, S.; Petz, Ch.; Hege, H-Ch.; Spuler, A.; Poethke, J.; Berthe, A.; Kertzscher, U. J Vis 12 241-250  
2008 CFD analysis in an anatomically realistic coronary artery model based on non-invasive 3D imaging: comparison of magnetic resonance imaging with computed tomography Leonid Goubergrits; Ulrich Kertzscher; Bastian Schöneberg; Ernst Wellnhofer; Christoph Petz; Hans-Christian Hege Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 24 411-421 DOI
2008 Enhanced oxygen transport in fish gills - flow measurements in a model U. Kertzscher; L. Goubergrits; U. Doll; G. Gabel; K. Affeld Design & Nature and Ecodynamics 3    
2008 Local glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor inhibitor delivery from the pump surface attenuates platelet adhesion in continuous flow ventricular assist devices. Linneweber, Joerg; Dohmen, Pascal M.; Kertzscher, Ullrich; Affeld, Klaus; Konertz, Wolfgang Artif Organs 32 792-799 DOI
2008 Numerical Dye Washout Method as a Tool for Characterizing the Heart Valve Flow: Study of Three Standard Mechanical Heart Valves Leonid Goubergrits; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Christoph Petz; Detlev Stalling; Hans-Christian Hege ASAIO J 54 50-57 DOI
2008 Particle image velocimetry of a flow at a vaulted wall U. Kertzscher; A. Berthe; L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld Proc Inst Mech Eng H 222 465-473 PubMed
2007 Flow separations in blood flow - its significance in the human circulation and in artificial organs Ulrich Kertzscher; Leonid Goubergrits; Klaus Affeld Flow Phenomena in Nature Volume 2: Inspiration, Learning and Applications   505-528 DOI
2007 The effect of surface roughness on activation of the coagulation system and platelet adhesion in rotary blood pumps Jörg Linneweber; Pascal Maria Dohmen; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld; Yukihiko Nosé; Wolfgang Konertz Artif Organs 31 345-351 DOI
2006 Characterization of an artificial valve flow using the numerical dye washout visualization technique: application to the monoleaflet valve with purged flow Leonid Goubergrits; Tobias Timmel; Klaus Affeld; Christoph Petz; Detlev Stalling; Hans Christian Hege Artif Organs 30 642-650 DOI
2006 Flow in artificial valves and pulsatile blood pumps U. Kertzscher; L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld ERCOFTAC Bulletin Bulletin 68 29-32  
2006 In-vivo coronary flow profiling based on biplane angiograms: influence of geometric simplifications on the three-dimensional reconstruction and wall shear stress calculation Ernst Wellnhofer; Leonid Goubergrits; Ulrich Kertzscher; Klaus Affeld Biomed Eng Online 5 39 DOI
2006 Injection of granular material: visualization of stress and grain flow K. Affeld; F. Affeld; P. Debaene; L. Goubergrits Journal of Visualization 9 31-38  
2006 Numerical modeling of blood damage: current status, challenges and future prospects Leonid Goubergrits Expert Rev Med Devices 3 527-531 DOI
2005 Innovative developments of the heart valves designed for use in ventricular assist devices Leonid Goubergrits; Klaus Affeld; Ulrich Kertzscher Expert Rev Med Devices 2 61-71 DOI
2005 Visualization of a Wall Shear Flow: Development of a New Particle Image Interrogation Method P. Debaene; U. Kertzscher; L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld Journal of Visualization 8 305-314  
2004 Experimental and numerical dye washout flow visualization L. Goubergrits; C. Petz; D. Stalling; K. Affeld Journal of Visualization 7(3) 233-240  
2004 Flow-induced platelet activation in bileaflet and monoleaflet mechanical heart valves Wei Yin; Yared Alemu; Klaus Affeld; Jolyon Jesty; Danny Bluestein Ann Biomed Eng 32 1058-1066 PubMed
2004 Flow-induced platelet activation in mechanical heart valves Bluestein, D.; Yin, W.; Affeld, K.; Jesty, J. J Heart Valve Dis 13 501-508 PubMed
2004 Hemodynamic study in 26 authentic carotid bifurcations L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld; J. Fernandez-Britto; L. Falcon Technology and Health Care 12 188-190  
2004 Mathematical model of platelet deposition under flow conditions K. Affeld; L. Goubergrits; U. Kertzscher; J. Gadischke; A. Reininger Int J Artif Organs 27 699-708 PubMed
2004 Measurement of the local liquid and the local solid velocity simultaneously U. Kertzscher; A. Seeger; K. Affeld; E. Wellnhofer Bubbly flows: analysis, modelling and calculation      
2004 Numerical estimation of blood damage in artificial organs Leonid Goubergrits; Klaus Affeld Artif Organs 28 499-507 DOI
2004 X-ray based measurements of the local solid phase content in a three-phase flow of a bubble column: statistical significance U. Kertzscher; G. Dimitroff; M. Binsteiner; K. Affeld; L. Goubergrits; A. Seeger; E. Wellnhofer Experiments in Fluids 37 923-928  
2004 X-ray based particle tracking velocimetry - a measurement technique for multi-phase flows and flows without optical access U. Kertzscher; A. Seeger; K. Affeld; L. Goubergrits; E. Wellnhofer Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 15 199-206  
2004 X-ray based particle tracking velocimetry for bubble columns with high void fraction A. Seeger; U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; L. Goubergrits; E. Wellnhofer Bubbly flows: analysis, modelling and calculation      
2003 Atherosclerosis: current concepts of pathophysiology and pharmacological intervention based on trial outcomes H. von Baeyer; W. Hopfenmüller; E. Riedel; K. Affeld Clin Nephrol 60 Suppl 1 S31-S48 PubMed
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2003 Measurement of the local velocity of the solid phase and the local solid hold-up in a three-phase flow by X-ray based particle tracking velocimetry (XPTV) A. Seeger; U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; E. Wellnhofer Chemical Engineering Science 58 1721-1729 DOI
2003 Trileaflet valve for VAD use with purged sinus L. Goubergrits; A. Leirner; K. Affeld Artif Organs 27 586-591 PubMed
2002 Atherosclerosis and flow in carotid arteries with authentic geometries L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld; J. Fernandez-Britto; L. Falcon Biorheology 39 519-524 PubMed
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2002 Investigation of the flow performance of a nutating blood pump by computational fluid dynamics Oliver Sartori-Montecroce; Leonid Goubergrits; Klaus Affeld Artif Organs 26 392-396 PubMed
2002 Investigation of transport phenomena inside a microcapsule Leonid Goubergrits; Klaus Affeld; Perrine Debaene; Ulrich Kertzscher Ann N Y Acad Sci 972 200-205 PubMed
2002 Model study of blood flow through a stent in the aorto-iliac bifurcation U. Kertzscher; K. Affeld; M. Scheckel Int J Artif Organs 25 1153-1159 PubMed
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2001 Optimization and investigation of a novel cardiac assist valve with a purge flow T. Timmel; L. Goubergrits; K. Affeld Int J Artif Organs 24 777-783 PubMed
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