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  • Fuchs H, Bachran C, Li T, Heisler I, Durkop H, Sutherland M: A cleavable molecular adapter reduces side effects and concomitantly enhances efficacy in tumor treatment by targeted toxins in mice. J Control Release 2007, 117(3):342-350.
  • Hebestreit P, Weng A, Bachran C, Fuchs H, Melzig MF: Enhancement of cytotoxicity of lectins by Saponinum album. Toxicon 2006, 47(3):330-335.
  • Dassler K, Zydek M, Wandzik K, Kaup M, Fuchs H: Release of the soluble transferrin receptor is directly regulated by binding of its ligand ferritransferrin. J Biol Chem 2006, 281(6):3297-3304.
  • Bachran C, Sutherland M, Heisler I, Hebestreit P, Melzig MF, Fuchs H: The saponin-mediated enhanced uptake of targeted saporin-based drugs is strongly dependent on the saponin structure. Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 2006, 231(4):412-420.
  • Bachran C, Heisler I, Fuchs H, Sutherland M: Influence of protein transduction domains on target-specific chimeric proteins. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2005, 337(2):602-609.
  • Heisler I, Sutherland M, Bachran C, Hebestreit P, Schnitger A, Melzig MF, Fuchs H: Combined application of saponin and chimeric toxins drastically enhances the targeted cytotoxicity on tumor cells. J Control Release 2005, 106(1-2):123-137.
  • Heisler I, Keller J, Tauber R, Sutherland M, Fuchs H: A cleavable adapter to reduce nonspecific cytotoxicity of recombinant immunotoxins. Int J Cancer 2003, 103(2):277-282.
  • Dassler K, Kaup M, Tauber R, Fuchs H: Mutational suppression of transferrin receptor shedding can be compensated by distinct metalloproteases acting on alternative sites. FEBS Lett 2003, 536(1-3):25-29.
  • Kaup M, Dassler K, Weise C, Fuchs H: Shedding of the transferrin receptor is mediated constitutively by an integral membrane metalloprotease sensitive to tumor necrosis factor alpha protease inhibitor-2. J Biol Chem 2002, 277(41):38494-38502.
  • Heisler I, Keller J, Tauber R, Sutherland M, Fuchs H: A colorimetric assay for the quantitation of free adenine applied to determine the enzymatic activity of ribosome-inactivating proteins. Anal Biochem 2002, 302(1):114-122.

Publikationen 11-20

  • Kaup M, Dassler K, Reineke U, Weise C, Tauber R, Fuchs H: Processing of the human transferrin receptor at distinct positions within the stalk region by neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G. Biol Chem 2002, 383(6):1011-1020.
  • Fuchs H, Gessner R: Iodination significantly influences the binding of human transferrin to the transferrin receptor. Biochim Biophys Acta 2002, 1570(1):19-26.
  • Fuchs H, Tauber R, Gessner R: Determination of optimal non-denaturing elution conditions from affinity columns by a solid-phase screen. Biotechniques 2001, 31(3):584, 586, 588-590, passim.
  • Fuchs H, Gessner R: The result of equilibrium-constant calculations strongly depends on the evaluation method used and on the type of experimental errors. Biochem J 2001, 359(Pt 2):411-418.
  • Keller J, Heisler I, Tauber R, Fuchs H: Development of a novel molecular adapter for the optimization of immunotoxins. J Control Release 2001, 74(1-3):259-261.
  • Orberger G, Fuchs H, Geyer R, Gessner R, Kottgen E, Tauber R: Structural and functional stability of the mature transferrin receptor from human placenta. Arch Biochem Biophys 2001, 386(1):79-88.
  • Porwoll S, Fuchs H, Tauber R: Characterization of a soluble class I alpha-mannosidase in human serum. FEBS Lett 1999, 449(2-3):175-178.
  • Fuchs H, Lucken U, Tauber R, Engel A, Gessner R: Structural model of phospholipid-reconstituted human transferrin receptor derived by electron microscopy. Structure 1998, 6(10):1235-1243.
  • Terng HJ, Gessner R, Fuchs H, Stahl U, Lang C: Human transferrin receptor is active and plasma membrane-targeted in yeast. FEMS Microbiol Lett 1998, 160(1):61-67.
  • Fuchs H, Gessner R, Tauber R, Ghosh R: Functional reconstitution of the human placental transferrin receptor into phospholipid bilayers leads to long tubular structures proceeding from the vesicle surface. Biochemistry 1995, 34(18):6196-6207.