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Currently funded projects

EU, ENDOSCAPE (coordinator):
A clinically applicable non-viral gene delivery technology (Horizon 2020, no. 825730)

Anti-inflammatory glycosides from plants: Identification of cellular targets and examination of structure–function relationships (FU 408/11-1)

Aglaia Oncology Fund II:
Saponin-mediated endosomal escape enhancer technology for controlled intracellular drug delivery

Triterpenoids for controlled cytosolic drug release of targeted tumor therapeutics


Formerly funded projects (selection):

Controlled efficacy increase of tumor-specific toxins by pH-dependent release of saponins from targeted nanoparticles

Development of tumor-activated targeted toxins and their investigation in combination with glycosylated triterpenoids

Saponin-mediated intracellular liberation of chimeric toxins. A new basic technology for cell-targeted tumor therapy

Regulated intramembrane proteolysis of transferrin receptor 1 and the role of the released intracellular domain in signaling of iron metabolism

Development of a novel strategy for cancer therapy by combining chimeric adapter toxins and triterpenoids investigated on mammary gland tumors

Identification and characterization of the Arg-100-transferrin receptor shedding protease

Saporin/saponin transport systems for targeted release of drugs for tumor therapy

Deutsche José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung:
Controlled intracellular release for increasing the efficacy of an antibody-based combination therapy of CD19/CD22 positive lymphoma and leukemia

Deutsche Krebshilfe:
Rekombinant  fusions proteins for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT) and radio-ADEPT of colon carcinoma  

Generation of a modified apoptin with unique coupling sites for the development of a targeted toxin to induce tumor cell specific apoptosis