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A glass of water in the sun; photo: Peter Hoffmann

HYPO-PAkT project

As the climate is changing, research in the field of Health oriented climate impact research gets more and more important. Therefore the project "Präventives Aktionsprogramm für Pflegeheime zum optimalen Trinkverhalten bei Hitzegefährdung“ (HYPO-PAkT) is currently carried out in the AG Hoffmann.

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Preventive action program for the optimal fluid imbibement during hot temperatures for nursing homes (HYPO-PAkT)

During heat waves it is generally recommended that people pay attention to drinking enough fluid. Albeit high temperatures lead to an increased liquid requirement, a high amount of fluid drunk without an increased uptake of electrolyte salts can lead to a health risk. A low concentration of sodium ions in blood can lead e.g. to confusedness (delirium). This condition could make treatment in a first-aid station or emergency room of a hospital necessary.


The interdisciplinary team of the HYPO-PAkT project focuses on several aspects:

1.  Analysis if in particular elderly and people in need of care are in danger of a shift in the water balance and/or electrolyte concentration during heat periods, which might lead to avoidable hospital stays.

2.  Examination of existing measures in Berlin nursing homes in relation to fluid uptake, water and electrolyte balance during normal temperatures and during heat periods.

3.  Study to assess preventive measures in a Berlin nursing home to keep people healthy and prevent electrolyte imbalance.

4.  Based on the results, a preventive action program for elderly and people in need of care will be devised in order to reduce the number of electrolyte imbalances and hence minimize health problems, resulting in fewer hospital admissions.