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Forschungsbereiche der AG Hoffmann

Research of the AG Hoffmann


The health oriented climate impact research and the development of in vitro diagnostics are the two main focal points research in the AG Hoffmann.

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Research focal points

Health oriented climate impact research

The scientists of the AG Hoffmann also work in the field of health oriented climate impact research. Research focuses on determining which impact the climate and the climate change have on the health of humankind. The changing climate has an influence on everyone, especially on members of vulnerable groups. Vulnerable individuals are, for example, people with a chronic disease or elderly people.

In a new project, the impact of climate change through more intense and more frequently occuring heat waves on elderly individuals is examined. The focus here is the hyponatremia, the lack of "salt" in the body.

Development of in vitro diagnostics

Members of the AG Hoffmann have worked for several years on the research and development of new in vitro diagnostics, focusing especially on new innovative test principles.

In the newest project, the possibilities to exploit an optical measurement method are being evaluated. Microring resonators serve as basis structure on a sensor for the determination of sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen and chlorid ion concentrations in blood samples.